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What Does Your Lips Shape Say About Your Personality

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Did you know that there’s a correlation between your lips shape and your personality? Jilly Eddy is a lipsology expert that has studied lip prints for more than 30 years. She explains that during those years she discovered correlations between lip characteristics and personality traits. Keep on reading and find out what your lips shape says about your personality!

1. Heart-shaped lips mean you are creative and romantic

Women that have heart-shaped lips are incredibly expressive and romantic and have a sense of glamour. These people are also creative and intelligent thinkers.

2. Thin lips mean you’re intelligent and ambitious

Women with thin lips tend to be overachievers and are highly driven. They’re also really independent, incredibly caring, and sensitive.

3. Wide lips means you’re a born leader

If you have wide lips that means that you’re energized by people and that you’re very extroverted. You tend to be a perfectionist in your work and personal live and you have incredible leadership qualities.

4. Full lips mean you are caring and supportive

People with full lips are confident and self-assured. They’re also very supportive of other people and very caring. Having full lips also means that you’re more passionate.

5. Round lips-risk taker

Ladies with round lips are confident, outspoken, and willing to take risks. They’re always ready for a new adventure.

6. Goldilocks lips mean you’re level-headed

“Goldilocks lips” are when your cupid’s bow doesn’t have a distinct dip or peak but blends together instead. People with goldilocks lips are very considerate, level—headed and not dramatic at all. They’re happy people and make great partners.

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