Best way to CLEAN your Smokers Lungs

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Lung cleaning is especially recommended for smokers, people who often stay in smoked areas, allergic to dust, animal hair, and those who have problems with the sinuses.

Stress and poor nutrition harms the body because the toxins accumulate in the body, which can not be solved by any different way other than detoxification.

Some of the signs that the body is poisoned are rash, acne, non-stop skin, yellow or brown tongue, permanent headache, too mucus, tiredness, inability to concentrate and forgetfulness. Days after the holidays and spring are the ideal time to cleanse the body because, due to more sunlight, and the fact that everything around us is awake, we have more energy.

Detoxification is cleaning organs and regarding to this detox programs are divided into two equally important aspects – cleaning of the lung, skin and kidneys and liver cleansing. Although they do not even think about lungs during detoxification, they are among the first organs to be cleansed. The easiest way to release the lung from accumulated toxins is deep breathing.

Breathing is a vital process, but in order to fully fulfill its function, it is necessary to perform it properly. Bad breathing habits are affected by long periods of sitting, lack of exercise and stretching, and similar. The result of bad breathing is fatigue, depression, headache and physical exhaustion. Although we are born with the ability to breathe properly, most people lose it during their lifetime.

If you look at a newborn, you will see how deep they inhale, so deep that the belly is lifted upwards. Check if your stomach is lifted while inhaled. If not, it is a sign that your breath is shallow. If you sometimes notice that you are sighing, this is because the levels of carbon dioxide in the blood are high, and then the brain activates a deep breath to supply the body with oxygen.

Lung cleaning is especially recommended for smokers, as well as people who often stay in smoked areas even though they do not smoke, dust allergic, animal hair and those who have problems with the sinuses. But with deep breathing, you can clean them with ginger.

You can read more about benefits of ginger and some other foods at 9 Foods That Eliminate Toxins.

Lung cleaning is also aided by gingerbread tea. Prepare it by placing a fresh root of ginger on the slices and add it to the boiling water. Cook for ten minutes and then chop. If desired, honey, lemon, cinnamon, cardamom and clove are added to the tea.

Detoxify your lungs by cleaning them from tar and toxins, reducing the risk of infection, increasing their capacity, and improving the health of the respiratory system.

Other things that helps you clean your lungs are spices, such as pepper or chili, because hot food helps to break down the excess mucus. That’s why you can feel your nose dripping as if you’re hot, and such spices are similar to the excess mucus in your lungs and encourage its dripping.

With a quick exercise, learn to breathe from your belly

To learn how to breathe properly, lie down on the floor, on the mat or on the towel so that you are comfortable. Then take a deep breath and feel how the chest is widening, and the belly grows upward. Just slowly breathe and you will soon feel the body and mind calm down. Because of the inflow of oxygen it is possible that you feel a slight dizziness and so learn to breathe from the lying position.

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