Reflexology: Benefits of foot massage and how to do it!

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Reflexology: by pressing on the points, release uncomfort and pain!

Massage feet for many of us is one of the most popular types of massage.

It has a strong relaxing effect, as it acts on the entire body.

There are 7000 nerve endings connected to all parts of the body.

The targeted treatment of sensitive areas (zones) on the feet and the corresponding reflex points for the purpose of relieving distress is called reflexology.

Apart from the feet, reflexology also treats points on the joints and palms, and rarely on the ears and face.

This technique was used by the Chinese and the Egyptians first and it is over 3000 years old.

Chinese medicine thinks it balances Qi – the vital energy flowing through the channels in the body.

It works on the whole organism

Today’s reflexology is based on zonal therapy, developed by Eunice Ingham, a specialist in the thirties of the last century.

She discovered that by pressing her feet she could act on the entire body of the patient.

Encouraged by outstanding positive experiences, she published a book entitled “Stories The Feet Can Tell”, in which she documented her cases and presented a schedule of reflex points on her feet.

In zonal therapy, the body is divided into ten energy zones, which vertically pass through the body and end up in the feet.

By working reflex points in certain zones, you can stimulate all parts of the body.

How Reflexology works

Reflexology works in three ways: it relaxes, stimulates circulation and promotes energy balance within the body.

Balance is the most important for a healthy body, mind and spirit. When there are dysfunctions in the body, it falls out of balance.

Reflexology treatments vigorously balance every gland, body, muscle, tissue and cell in the body, bringing the body systems to the proper functioning.

In reflexology treatment, certain reflex points and zones are treated, transmitting impulses to the diseased part of the body.

A good reflex therapist will monitor the reactions of your body and help you get to the results very quickly. It can also contribute to easier diagnosis of the disease.

Initially, it is preferable not to interrupt treatments that can be painful for a few moments, because it is a healing process. After the flow of energy is established, this pain disappears.

The most common indications

Reflexology can especially help with:

  • hormonal disorders
  • menopause
  • pain in the back
  • migraine and headaches
  • sleep disorders
  • digestive disorders
  • circulatory problems
  • depression, stress and tension

Reflexology at home

You can learn to apply reflexology yourself, partners, and even pets.

All you need is a map of reflex points and acquiring knowledge about duration and pressure.

Reflex points on the fists are more difficult to massage because they are located deeper under the skin, but the massage of the palms can be easily performed on any of their parts.

Working in the palms is very relaxing and is a good alternative to treating your foot, if you are very ticky.

If you suffer from severe problems and want to experience the full benefit of reflexology, be sure to visit an educated reflexology therapist.

Guidelines for work:

  • Treat your feet and palms together
  • Take into account the pressure level of sensitive people
  • Do not apply reflexology to people who stayed longer than 24 hours
  • Learning reflexology is best to start on your feet
  • Recommended duration of treatment is 20 – 45 minutes, and for children and elderly persons up to 30 minutes
  • Massage can also be applied during treatment of reflex points
  • When processing a fist, more pressure is needed, as the points are deeper

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