The Best Inner Thigh Exercises

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The inner side of the thigh is worse than the outside, so it is more difficult to shape and achieve satisfactory results.

Exercises that are primarily designed to shape some other muscle groups can be adjusted by strengthening the inner thighs, whether we are in a lying position on the abdomen and doing back exercises, lying on our backs, exercising the belly or raising the body side by side. Eg. when performing abdomen with tapered knees and feet on the floor, it’s enough to put a small ball between your knees and squeeze it at each abdominal contraction, thereby strengthening the inner thigh.

Before the presentation of the exercises for the inner thighs, we will also repeat their anatomy.

Anatomy of inner thighs (adductors)

On the inner side of the thigh there are five muscles of the anvil (adductors) that start from the pelvic bones and bind to the thigh (except gracilis) along the line descending down the back of the thigh bone. Their main function is to receive (adduction) of the leg towards the central plane, giving them a name.

The largest and strongest in the adductor group is the adductor magnus, which spreads like a leprosy and binds along the entire thigh bone and strongly penetrates the thigh. Adductor longus joins the thighs, while the adductor brevis and the pectineus adduction rotate the thigh outward.

Gracilis, known as a slim muscle, is a long, thin, and superficial muscle that begins with a perpendicular spine of the pericontal bone, passing over the knee joint and only one of the five muscles of the primicle binds to the scalpel bone. Its main function is to receive and rotate the thighs outward.

Adjuvants also act as extensors if the flex is in flexion, while the gracilis also slides and rotates the knee inwards.

When thigh fixed fixators participate in flexion, median flexion, lateral rotation, or (in the case of gracilis and back part magnus transmitter) in the median rotation of the pelvis.

Check out this video for instructions on Best Inner Thigh Exercises:


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