Losing weight with Cardio workouts!

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Power training, cardio and healthy nutrition are the key to weight loss. Sometimes it is difficult to know how important each of these categories is, especially when it comes to cardio training.

Coach Austin Lopez explains that it is very important to understand your body and how it works.

“To lose half a pound of weight, you have to spend 3500 calories,” Lopez told PopSugar.

If your goal is to burn so many calories a week, Lopez thinks there are three options. The first seven days of the week will be a half-hearted cardio training and intake the average number of calories. The other option is to choose half-cardio training for five days a week and to slightly lower calorie intake, while the third option is to devote cardio to three days a week, but to choose a low calorie diet.

Although perhaps the third option sounds the most striking, Lopez warns that the least likely way is to keep up the diet in the long run.

A similar approach is also provided by Mahri Relin coach who encourages his clients to four to five cardio trainings per week each lasting 30 to 45 minutes. Katherine Greiner’s coaching assistant advises at least 30 to 45 minutes of cardio exercises a day or 20-minute HIIT training.

“It is certainly important not to exaggerate. When you exercise too much, you tire your body, and exhaustion also leads to fatigue, “says Greiner.

All trainers agree that weight loss with cardio training is also important for practicing and strength training as you will achieve satisfactory results.

In next part of this article you have 30-Minute Kickboxing-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout by Simone de la Rue that many agrees does very good job for burning calories:

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