LOSE WEIGHT: Pineapple Diet

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Pineapple diet refers to a light summer diet and is mostly a real hit for the hot summer months.

In four days this diet can take up to two kilograms because pineapple, still called “yellow wonder” in the nation, contains a bromelain-enzyme that promotes fat burning.

This diet is also great for anti-cellulite, but it also has a “anti-aging effect” as it cleanses the skin and speeds up digestion.

Pineapple diet is a short way to achieve the fast desired effect. To achieve maximum results pineapple is best if consumed fresh or in form of juice, while compotes and various canned shapes or dried you should avoid.

Energetic pineapple content is 48 kcal per 100 g. It is a good source of manganese, copper, and especially vitamin C.

In the composition of pineapple there are 1.4 g of dietary fiber and 34 mg of beta carotene. It has extremely important healing properties since it protects us from various diseases, such as colds, bronchitis, atherosclerosis, arthritis, etc.

Enzymes containing bromelain break down fat and stimulate weight loss. For this reason, it is also a common component of weight loss tablets and similar preparations found on drugstores and drugstores.

The best pineapple is to eat between meals because otherwise its benefits would be used for the process of digestion.

In addition to all the above, it is also an excellent diuretic because it raises redundant water from the body.

This diet is healthy, quick and easy. During this diet regularly drink herbal teas for purification. We would recommend green tea, brew tea, artichokes, etc.

You can have pineapple diet twice a month, with the period between of two weeks. So keep a diet for a week, then follow the two-week break period and then again a week-long diet.

This diet cleanses your body, injecting a lot of antioxidants and improving your health.

Keep in mind that with quick losing weight, they often come back again. So this diet is more of a speedy cleansing than a long-term loss of excess weight.

In any case, every organism will benefit from detoxification and many benefits that this healthy fruit gives us. Therefore, enjoy pineapple – a summer fruit full of important nutrients that enrich our diet and our organism. Let your pineapple be your summer sun health!

Example menu

Day 1, 3 and 5:

Breakfast: a cup of green tea without sugar, cereals and yoghurt, a fresh pineapple slice

Lunch: vegetable soup, for dessert one slice of fresh pineapple

Amount: a cup of green tea without sugar, a slice of fresh pineapple

Dinner: 200 g fish, salad, fresh pineapple slice

Day 2 and 4

Breakfast: glass of pineapple juice, cup of coffee without sugar

Lunch: 180 g of chicken meat baked in the oven, oil-free vegetables, 2 pieces of whole-salad and fresh pineapple slice

Height: fat free yoghurt with fresh pineapple pieces

Dinner: vegetable soup, hard boiled egg, fresh spinach salad and fresh pineapple slice

Be sure that the last meal can not be 18 hours.

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