How Often Should You Pee?

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By peeing the body resolves toxins and excessive fluids, and the color of the urine can say a lot about our health.  As with urine, it’s important to pay attention to how often to pee in one day

The number of times you will pee daily will primarily depend on how much fluid you enter into the body. However, there is an optimal figure how many times we should pee, and anything above that figure may indicate a health problem.

Some women wet every hour considering that this is normal. But the frequency of going to the bathroom should still be smaller. We would need to wet 6, 7 times a day, this is the optimal number. And here it is assumed that you drink two liters of water per day. As for going to the toilet at night, one night urination is tolerated.

As for women who wet every hour, Kapun continues, most often these are the two possible health causes of studied urination.

If there are no symptoms typical of inflammation of the bladder such as burning and feeling of pain or pressure during urination, the second most common cause of excessive urination in women is excessively active bladder. This means that the bladder is filled with too little urine and a person feels a sudden urge to urinate. The excessively active bladder is mainly treated with tablets.

Contrary to the urgent need for urination, some people have rare need for urinating.

The occurrence of urgency needs most often means that a person does not enter enough fluid, the person is dehydrated.

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