Best Tips for Losing Weight after Pregnancy

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After the birth body experiences changes, pleasant and unpleasant. The legs stop swelling, the abdominal muscles relax and breasts become more relaxed. Exercising after delivery is necessary to restore your body to its former state.

During the pregnancy, but also after the birth, great changes are taking place in the body. Most noticeable changes occur in the skin, chest, feet and abdomen. Rare are women who come out of the hospital with flat belly, most have their belly as they are in 4-5 months of pregnancy. For training after delivery, however, give little time to your body. One needs to get used to the change that has taken place, especially with regard to the area around the abdomen. Just consider that your uterus reached almost 1500 times the size of your pregnancy before your pregnancy.

Give yourself enough time

And while it seems to you that some women lose their belly after a birthday, you need to know that there are very few of such happiness. Your body has gone through some great changes in the last 9 months, do not expect results to come quickly, and you should not be discouraged.


Apart from being healthy for the baby and for you, breastfeeding will help you remove excess pounds. With daily breastfeeding you can burn as many as 500 calories.

Get started

You should definitely consult a gynecologist before starting your daily exercise. When you have approved your exercise, start slowly. Stick to parks, sign up for yoga or aerobics training. Pushing a trolley is a great exercise you should not underestimate. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

Eat more often but less meals

Sweating is not good for your health, your baby’s health, but not for your line. Scientists have proved that by starvation we increase the risk of overdosing and excessive calorie intake. Remember that your energy is now needed more than ever, and to maintain a stable energy level you need to eat more often but less meals.

Make it smart

Replace sweets with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts or seeds. Keep these healthy snacks at your hand so that you can overcome the craving for snacks on time. Do not buy unhealthy snacks because it’s the best way to not even eat them at all.


It is difficult to prepare meals while the baby is in the home. Instead of being fed out, spend a few hours a day in the week and prepare a meal for a few days. Look for help from your neighbors because it’s easier for someone to watch a baby while you cook.

Increase the fiber intake

The fiber will stimulate the digestion process and keep you longer in tune. Eat soluble fibers that you can find in oatmeal, fresh fruit and vegetables. Choose bread and pasta from whole grains, and replace the white rice with brown.

Increase your protein intake

Replace fatty meat with chicken, turkey or fish. Fatty fish is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids that relieve chronic inflammation in the body and promote weight loss. However, nurses should be aware of the consumption of some species of fish. Be sure to contact the gynecologist.

Increase water intake

Water will improve the digestive system’s performance. Water is the key to weight loss because it speeds up digestion and regulates appetite. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and add fruits and vegetables with a high percentage of water, soups and spinach.

And here are some Tips on How to thighten loose skin after pregnancy:

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